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Acting on insights

So you’ve planned an evaluation, and generated insights, now comes the most important part: taking action.

Getting (even) better

Taking action based on what you've learned from your evaluation work will improve the quality and consistency of your practice. Over time, this will increase the positive impact on the young people who access your provision.

Put learning into practice

We believe that the single most important measure of the value of an evaluation process is that it both enables and prompts you to take action and do something differently. 

These actions could be large or small, but they will be in response to what you’ve learned through your insights. This is the marker of meaningful evaluation - it generates insight that moves you, rather than just confirming or showcasing what you already believe.  

Translating insights into action requires a clear plan, which is shared and understood by everybody involved: including the young people who work with you, or benefit from your support. Importantly, you’ll need to continue the cycle of asking good questions to understand what’s changed for young people as a result of the actions you took. 

Explore our resource hub to find more guidance and materials to support your organisation  to establish a cycle of continuous improvement.

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