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We have drawn together a set of resources to support you in evaluating your work with young people and to act on insight.


Our approach to evaluation is much more detailed than asking ‘does it work?’.

Specifically, it is more powerful than saying ‘we know it works; we just need to demonstrate it’. 

‘Does it work?’ is actually a collection of other questions, bundled up together, all of which matter for different reasons. We need to look at each of these questions separately, and understand how they relate to one another, in order to understand what change we are creating, why we think it’s happening, and how we could get (even) better.

The six questions set out in the Asking Good Questions framework will help you to reflect on and understand the quality and impact of your work with and for young people. We believe that these questions are for everyone: across different roles in youth organisations, across different organisational structures and types, and across different organisational sizes and stages.

Asking Good Questions diagram with six questions



All the questions are equally important.



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Questions 1 & 2

Questions 1 and 2 are about understanding context, and designing a high-quality ‘offer’ that responds to this context

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Questions 3 & 4

Questions 3 and 4 are about carefully monitoring the delivery of activities.

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Questions 5 & 6

Questions 5 and 6 are about listening and responding to young people’s feedback.

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Key resources

Asking Good Questions

Download a copy of a detailed guide and workbook, which introduces our 'Asking Good Questions' framework for learning, evaluation and continuous improvement.